Date/Time: 9/26/11 (10:46 AM)

Texas law establishes a system, administered by the Texas Life and Health Insurance Guaranty Association (the "Association"), to protect Texas policyholders if their life or health insurance company fails. Only the policyholders of insurance companies which are members of the Association are eligible for this protection which is subject to the terms, limitations, and conditions of the Association law. (The law is found in the Texas Insurance Code, Chapter 463.)

Effective 10/31/11 the state of Texas has mandated a new Guarantee Association Notice form #TX1707 (8/11) be used in Texas with TX107 Credit Certificate.  We are in the process of printing the new notice in pads of 25.  One pad of 25 will be sent to each active TX Credit Account  and we will shrink wrap all remaining inventory of the TX 107 with a pad of notices.  Upon reprint of the TX107 the new notice will be incorporated and printed with the certificates.